Evan Dollard has competed on anw 2,3,4 and he is the host of a youtube fitness show called well trained warrior. In anw 2 he finished the qualifing course in 49 seconds placing 11th in the qualifing round. He finished the semi finals round and advanced to the boot camp. He cleared the boot camp and headed to sasuke 26 for a chance of winning $250,000. He cleared the step slider and hazard swing with no problem, but fell victim to the rolling ecargot. He came back next year and cleared the qualifing round. In the semi finals he went out on the salmon ladder which shocked so many. In anw 4 he complited the qualifing course with a huge slip up on the spinning log. In the semi finals he posted the fastest time. Evan's time was 3min. 3sec. and 99 hundreths of a second. he completed stage 1 with a slip up on the half pipe attack. In the end Evan fell on the top rung of the double salmon ladder. His energy got zapped when the bar went askew and Evan held on with one hand. He is now the host of the show well trained warrior.

Evan Dollard at well trained warrior