Travis Rosen at American Ninja Warrior 2013 National Finals Stage 2

Travis Rosen at American Ninja Warrior 2013 National Finals Stage 2

Travis Rosen tears up stage 2


Travis rosen at USA vs. Japan

Travis Rosen

Travis Rosen has competed on anw 2,3,4,5 and USA vs. Japan. In anw 2 he was disqualified on the jumping spider during the Venice finals as a rookie. In anw 3 he blew through the course clearing the qualifiers in 48 seconds! In the Venice finals he made it to the unstable bridge, but fell short like many others that day. He cleared the boot camp and moved on to sasuke 27. He shocked the crowd by making it past the first stage, but fell victim to the metal spin in stage 2. He went to Miami in anw 4. Travis had the 4th fastest qualifying time. He completed regionals in a time of 2min. 12sec. And 44 hundredths of a second. He completed stage 1 and was returning to stage 2. He completed the first three obstacles with perfection until he reached the balance tank. He lost his balance and splashed into the water. He was confident to anw 5. He completed the qualifiers and advanced to the Miami finals. He had a slip up on the quintuple steps but finished 4th in the Miami finals. He completed stage 1 for the third year in a row. He returned to stage 2 for another time. He was confident that he would make it past the second stage this year. And he did! He almost fell at the dismount of the metal spin, but hoisted himself up and cleared stage 2 with the 7th fastest time. In the 3rd stage he fell victim to the floating boards with 2 others. He was selected for USA vs. Japan in January 2014. He chose to compete in the second stage but failed on the metal spin. He fell at the dismount of the metal spin which shocked so many.